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Business Owner Guidelines

My business has been reviewed on Traverse City's Find&GoSeek. Now what should I do?

This is good news. As a business owner, reviews give you valuable customer feedback. Think of it as “insider information.” It could be something a customer might not have said to you at the time of service or may not have known how to say directly to you. At the same time these reviews help other potential customers learn more about your business and services.

As a business owner, can I add my business as a Traverse City's Find&GoSeek Listing?

Absolutely! Use the Submit a Listing form and remember to indicate that you are the business owner/representative. Your Listing is FREE and will be posted within 24 hours. To control your business description and photos in the future, you can purchase an Enhanced Listing. Plus it will improve your listing position in the search results within your business category (it places you near the top).

My business has been added to Traverse City's Find&GoSeek but some of the information is inaccurate. How can I correct it?

If you feel that any of the information about your place of business is inaccurate, please click the Report a Problem link found on your business listing detail page. Corrected information will be posted within 48 hours. To ensure that your information is always accurate and up-to-date, consider an Enhanced Listing that allows you to control your business description as well as your photos, plus improve your position in the search results.

Can I respond to a review?

Of course, and we encourage it! We know there is more than one version of what happens. And we want to hear both. Go to your listing and create your own review of your business and tell us what happened. But please clearly state that you are the business owner at the beginning of your review.

I have a very negative review. Will you remove it? I’m losing business.

We do not remove reviews at the request of business owners or business representatives. But we will be happy to look into the review to check that it does meet all of our review guidelines. We suggest that you write a response to that review clearly stating you are the business owner.

Are reviewers allowed to name employees?

Yes, reviewers may mention names of employees within their review. However, personal insults are always forbidden.

Can you contact a reviewer for me so I can resolve their problem?

While we understand why you’re trying to do this, we have a Privacy Policy to which we must adhere. We cannot forward your message to a Traverse City's Find&GoSeek User, or let them know that you have posted a response, etc.

I just bought this business, and the previous owners did a terrible job running it. I’m going to make some major changes. Can I have a fresh start?

Definitely! If the ownership of your property has changed, please contact us stating the exact date and nature of the ownership change, along with proof (e.g., a press release). Then we can remove any reviews that are irrelevant to your current status.

I would like to have my business’s listing removed from your site. How can I do that?

Because we want to be an extensive resource for parents to find everything there is to do with their kids, we will not remove a listing at the business owner’s request. If your property is permanently closed and you’d like us to remove your listing contact us. Furthermore, we accept reviews for all activities, places and events that are listed on our site.

How does Traverse City's Find&GoSeek choose which reviews will be posted?

All reviews that are submitted (the favorable and unfavorable) which meet our review criteria are posted. If you believe that a review violates the Review Guidelines, please contact us. Keep in mind that Find&GoSeek is based on free speech and that we only rarely remove reviews.

Does Traverse City's Find&GoSeek apply its Review Guidelines differently for its Advertisers? (If I become a Traverse City's Find&GoSeek advertiser, will you remove negative reviews?)

No. Find&GoSeek applies the Review Guidelines equally to advertisers and non-advertisers. So becoming a Find&GoSeek advertiser does not mean that negative reviews will be removed.

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